Dear Sirs!!

If You already have production company in Russia or only have a plan to construct or purchase company under your trademark.

- You met some difficulties the Russian reality or have problems with local management.

- You have successful business in your country, but aren't sure in successful start-up in Russia.

- You want to book professional audit by the expert having good experience and knowledge of the Russian specifics

. - You want to minimize risks of opening and development of your company in Russia.

With great pleasure I want to offer you my services in audit, consultation, the organization and development of your production project in Russia. I have more than 20 years experience in all areas of production company. Company registration, production construction, search and personnel training, optimization and development of production companies. Decrease of expenses, optimize of business processes, sales development , etc…

After 10 years of work for the big international company as the General Director, I possess good knowledge of the Russian specifics and international standards of the organization of the effective enterprise.

I am good specialist in finance, administration, production and sales organization. I am organized and detail-oriented, work well under pressure and deadlines, enjoy working with a variety of people, and have a great entrepreneurial attitude. I always aspire to growth of my personal qualification. I possess quality of authoritative and democratic leader who appreciates in employees such qualities as professionalism, personal culture and fidelity of the company. I am very good oriented in business process and human relations and I am convinced that I can contribute to your firm’s goals.

I will be glad both short-term, and to long-term cooperation with your company in questions of construction, start-up and development of your production site and sales.

Please don’t hesitate contact me by E-mail: or by phone: +7 921 939 84 02

With pleasure I will answer on your question.


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