Dear Sirs!


I am, Pavel Kuzovnikov - realy good specialist of LEAN-managment's technologies for business development of  production and trade companies in Russia.

Since 1995, after St.Petersburg's State  Polytechnical University, I create the career, developing my personal and professional skills. More that 15 years I got all my experience in the very strong and effectiveness  international companies, practically in all spheres of the organization and business development, from the sales manager to the general director of the industrial companies group into different commodity markets.

Being on the nature the engineer and simultaneously the businessman, I quickly and easily penetrate into a problem essence (or problems), I understand the nature and the reason of process and I find a simple (rational) way of the decision.

My experience includes many enough aspects of business:

- Knowledge INCOTERMS, the customs and transport logistics, feature of marketing in areas FMCG, B2B, construction of systems of sale, regional and dealer networks, building of industrial platforms and increase in capacities, search, selection and personnel development, construction of structure and command formation, creation of system of the account, control and the reporting including standard IFRS. As I possess many applied practical skills allowing successfully to realize conceived on any stage of development of business from registration of a society before creation of differentiated industrial holding in various regions of Russia.


You can communicate with me on ph. +7 (921) 939-84-02 or write me the letter by E-mail:

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